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Small House Hospitality

There is nothing inherently wrong with having a big house. I would still like to have one. It just makes me think of how if we can’t see the small house as a blessing and to open it up for family, friends, and strangers, then is a big house going to make things better? Continue reading

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Distractions, Elections, and Drawing Close to God

The reality is that we can’t truly love like Christ to the masses. Each of us is called to be Christ to those around us. All of these concerns splashed across our screens each day, although valid, are, for the most part, keeping us looking at the distance and not the calling God has for us in our homes and communities.

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“What Led You To Decide To Homeschool?”

This was the question a parent at Adam’s music class asked me tonight. I was set a little off guard by it because I didn’t just sit down and decide. It’s almost like it has been part of me always.

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