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Refigerator Dilly Beans: 2017 Food In Jars Challenge for April

April’s food preserving challenge for Food In Jars was quick pickles. There are a lot more options for pickles than simply cucumbers. There are many veggies and even fruit recipes out there. I chose to make Dilly Beans. I mentioned it … Continue reading

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Turning 50 and Pondering My Roots

Recently some hometown friends came to St. Louis and we shared some really amazing time together. We reminisced about our shared history—playing as kids, marching band, etc.  The conversations were also peppered with something more. One friend reminded me how our … Continue reading

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A Story to Motivate Us All

ad#Google Adsense] A friend posted this on Facebook and I just had to share. I may very well watch it every day until I start resolutions in January. It just goes to show that we can have hope when everyone … Continue reading

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Super Easy Chicken Pot Pie

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] This is my easy recipe for chicken or turkey pot pie. It’s one of the recipes we use on a regular basis in our house, but it is not one that fits the gradual lifestyle changes that … Continue reading

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Homeschool vs. Public School: A Few Statistics

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] A great visual on some of the current homeschool vs. public school statistics. Sources are listed at the end. Created by: [ad name=”Google Adsense”]

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The Scholarly Redneck

For a few decades now I have considered myself a scholarly redneck. I can’t really separate the two. They are both all me.Right now my world is homeschooling, urban homesteading, homemaking, and home business.

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