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Book Review: Possum Living

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] There’s a great little book I just read—Possum Living: How to Live Well without a Job and with (Almost) No Money.┬áIt was written back in the late 70’s by a then 18-year-old going by the pseudonym of … Continue reading

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Projects for 2011–In My Dreams

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] I’ve been thinking about projects that I want to accomplish this year. One of my problems with doing projects is that I spend way too much time learning about things, quite a bit of time accumulating supplies, … Continue reading

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Thinking on Chickens

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] We have had four Barred Plymouth Rock chickens since right after Thanksgiving. It has been a fun experience for us. It is surprising to me how easy they are to care for and how much I really … Continue reading

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Blessed Are The Cheese Makers

Making cheese is my latest kitchen experiment. As usual, I looked for the simplest recipe I could find. This one has only two ingredients.

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Homemade Vinegar – Apple and Blackberry

This was a fun process to watch. It was a little like channelling Dr. Frankenstein, “Look! It’s moving. It’s alive. It’s alive…IT’S ALIVE!”

You could really see the activity of all those wonderful microorganisms. It sure gives you a different perspective on the world to watch these natural processes up close.

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