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Small House Hospitality

There is nothing inherently wrong with having a big house. I would still like to have one. It just makes me think of how if we can’t see the small house as a blessing and to open it up for family, friends, and strangers, then is a big house going to make things better? Continue reading

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My Clutter Mantras

Over the years I’ve compiled a few mantras to push my mind into making a decision. These are just simple statements that I say to myself when have an item in question. ¬†They really help me put things in perspective.

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Facing Clutter: Tips and Techniques from the Trenches

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] It’s probably bold of me to write this considering that I’m living in piles of clutter right now. I’m braving it for two reasons. First, I know I’m not alone. If people weren’t struggling with clutter, then … Continue reading

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