Distractions, Elections, and Drawing Close to God

Satan’s biggest weapon right now is distraction. That is why this election is so difficult. I believe the struggles we have right now have less to do with politics than it does with the heart and will of our nation. I’m not saying elections don’t matter, but our calling as Christians is not a political one and as the old saying goes “You can’t legislate morality.”

The real problem is why are people jumping on the band wagons they are when families are falling apart, babies are killed by the thousands on a daily basis, porn is destroying hearts, souls, and relationships. There is so much going wrong and choosing the right candidate is not going to solve those problems.

I feel God calling me to step away from the political chaos. Partially because we’ve reached a point where no one is listening and no one’s mind is changed, but mostly because I am seeing it more as a distraction from what I should be doing.

A seminary professor once taught me that all of scripture and all of history show cycles of creation, destruction, and re-creation. We are clearly in the destruction phase. God seems to be saying to me that he did not gift me for this phase. My gifts are for what is to come. I’m spending my energies preparing my heart and listening to God’s direction. I’m trying to make my way through the distractions, turn from my own sins, and see the people God has called me to love more deeply.

The reality is that we can’t truly love like Christ to the masses. Each of us is called to be Christ to those around us. All of these concerns splashed across our screens each day, although valid, are, for the most part, keeping us looking at the distance and not the calling God has for us in our homes and communities.

Yes, the election is important, but God is sovereign. The person who is elected will be the person who God has allowed to be in that office. They may usher in more suffering, but that may be what is needed to heal an unfaithful nation. God calls us to put all of our selves into his hands including the worries and cares. All we can do is ask for his guidance on how to vote. When we ask for his will then whatever decision we choose will be guided by the Holy Spirit even if certainty never comes. God always honors our faithfulness to him.

No president is really going to heal our nation. That happens when the faithful give all to God and spread that to those around them. History shows that the greatest growth of faith happened in times of great persecution. That may be our future. I hope not, but my only hope and the only hope of the nation is for the faithful to draw closer to Christ in all things. All I can do is start with my own heart, listen, and act as God leads.

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One Response to Distractions, Elections, and Drawing Close to God

  1. Maureen Knapp says:

    Too many electronic distractions for our youth! St. John Paul the great talked about the “new springtime”, but what precedes that? We need to ask the Holy Spirit for discernment and help us to commit to a strong prayer life for the outcome that our Eternal Father wants, the fulfillment of the Lord’s prayer: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it Is in Heaven” Amen.

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