Compassion For Women Who Have Experienced Abortion


I woke up this morning grieving what women who have had abortions might be going through with all of these videos and talk about Planned Parenthood.

Many women really believed what they were told that it was just a mass of cells or a clump of tissue. Many may have known, but were told that the procedure was painless and humane. Different women will have different stories, reasons, and responses. The many stories of grief, anger and despair are real.

I am praying for the women who are dealing with the aftermath of abortion and who may have fresh wounds by what is being revealed. The travesty of what we are seeing is much to bear, but we can’t keep denying the reality of what is going on.

Those who hurt in secret may not feel they have anyone to talk to because they have really been forgotten in this debate. To make things worse, many have been judged by the very people who should be caring for them and offering them hope.

We must remember those who are suffering alone. If you are hurting because you had an abortion please know that healing can come. If you know someone who is hurting or who may be hiding their hurt then reach out to them.

There are plenty of people who are pointing out what is wrong about abortion. There are very few who are reaching out with compassion offering a message of healing, hope and forgiveness to those who are grieving. I know I haven’t been thinking about the silent sufferers. I am changing that today.
This website offers many resources to help those who are struggling and to help people who are reaching out to them. They have links to contact local groups which may have support groups, retreats, counseling and other help through Project Rachel and Project Joseph. Project Joseph provides support for men who are struggling because many of them are grieving more than people realize.


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