Does Preparedness Show a Lack of Faith?

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People seem to be jumping on the preparedness bandwagon these days. I just saw a rather long list of apocalypse-themed TV shows starting this fall. It is very interesting to watch how this trend is growing. There is much wisdom and much foolishness regarding how and why people are approaching preparedness. Some are building up things to keep them comfortable. Others are stockpiling years and years of food. A few are even shutting down their lives in the regular world and moving their families into isolation in the mountains or roaming the country in RVs. Most are not that extreme in their actions, but many are often guided by fear, anger and even arrogance.

When this topic comes up in discussions there is often someone who comments that practicing  preparedness comes from a lack of faith. On the surface, I think the above examples could be interpreted that way. However, when you look at it more closely it shows a lot of faith. It shows faith in food storage, guns, knowledge, gardens, farm animals, plans, buildings, etc.–temporal things that think we have some control over.

I’m not a super prepper. I have some food stores and some supplies. I work more on developing skills than on amassing huge amounts of supplies. For me prepping is not about being fearful or lacking faith. It is about preparing for a potential future. I consider this to be good stewardship. History and the Bible both teach us that hard times come. People go hungry through wars, famine, natural disasters, foolishness of men, and many other reasons.

Commonly it comes through the selfishness and sin of a culture. Look around and you will see that in our culture. These things don’t just change. People don’t wake up one day and decide they are going to live selfless, Godly lives. That kind of change only happens through hard times–through suffering. Our culture can not change without going through the fire.

It is because of this belief that I prepare. I prepare my mind with knowledge I need to provide for my family, I prepare my home to be safe and to house the things we may need, I prepare my hands to have skills I may need and I prepare my heart to be open to those who may need my help. I do this so that I can care for my family and help others without being greedy, fearful, or isolationist.

I see preparedness as part of my vocation as a wife and mother. I struggle greatly but keep trying to do my best to be the  keeper of my home. It is my responsibility to care for what is and what is to come with the understanding that all is built on a foundation of faith and trust in God–our ultimate caretaker. I strive to give my gifts to God and trust him to bring the increase. Sometimes I find myself living with the fear, anger, and arrogance, too. Those come from putting my faith in myself, the knowledge I have, or the work I have done.

Is practicing preparedness showing a lack of faith? I can only see it as an act of faith. We just have to guard our hearts and minds to make sure our faith is well placed.

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