Foolish Father Goes Viral

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this video that has been floating around where a dad lamblasts his daughter for a derogatory letter she posted on a supposedly hidden from him FB page. He really goes after her. He tells her off and ends up shooting her laptop several times. 

I’m not justifying the girls letter. She was wrong to do it and truly seems to be ungrateful for what she’s been given. She is also young in need of guidance.

The father, on the other hand, is supposed to be the mature adult who is to be a model of upright behavior for his daughter. To go on this long rant and publicly humiliate his daughter is going to do nothing but drive her away from understanding the truth about her actions and words. She is going to run from maturity rather than grow into it.

This is not about discipline it is about revenge and being the winner. It is not becoming of a father and reveals a lack of character on his part. The father needs to take responsibility for his own actions in this. If she is so spoiled, then who was the one who did the spoiling.

Now that he has shamed her in front of the whole country how can she ever trust him to be the father who loves and protects her when she needs it most. These wounds will run very deep. This relationship may never be mended.


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