Thinking on Chickens

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We have had four Barred Plymouth Rock chickens since right after Thanksgiving. It has been a fun experience for us. It is surprising to me how easy they are to care for and how much I really enjoy them.

I am not much of a pet person. My friends’ full size poodle, Rags, used to come up and put his head on my lap. I would just look at him and say “I can’t meet your emotional needs.”

Chickens on the other hand don’t have so many emotional needs. It’s a symbiotic relationship–I feed and care for them and they give me eggs or meat–if we ever get meat birds.  I like that they earn their keep. I know you pet lovers out there think I’m heartless, but I just don’t get the pets as best friends thing.

I do get the value of the life of an animal and its special place in God’s creation.  I like the way natural farmer Joel Salatin talks about raising animals. He talks about honoring the “pigness of the pig”  and respecting the design of creation.

I do get a lot of joy watching the chickens. They are humorous and calming. For some reason even cleaning their poop out of the roost can put me in a prayerful state. Maybe it’s just the slowing down of life and connection with the natural order. Maybe there is just more in doing and having less.

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One Response to Thinking on Chickens

  1. Karen says:

    What a good way to put it! I did have a rooster I was very fond of years ago and a goat also. However both of them got to be a bit irritating as they tended to poop anywhere and seemingly especially on the front step. Cats and dogs tend to not do that. I think we did some selective breeding to get it to be that way… I guess we don’t breed that out of roosters or goats we just eat them 🙂

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