Projects for 2011–In My Dreams

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Bees are industrious and communal, I like that about them. I choose to ignore the aspects of their society that mirror serfdom. Deborah means bee. It's roots are Hebrew and Aramaic.

I’ve been thinking about projects that I want to accomplish this year. One of my problems with doing projects is that I spend way too much time learning about things, quite a bit of time accumulating supplies, and not enough time actually doing the project. I’m really working to change that.

There are always a ton of ideas floating around my head. Usually they just overwhelm me. Sometimes I’ll get smart and start writing things down. Once I get the list down I’ll create a Frankin-Covey style A, B, C heirarchy. A’s are first priority, B’s can get done if all the A’s are done, and C’s can wait longer. 

As a matter of fact, I don’t usually even get through with the A-list and I will often reprioritize my list–gotta love spreadsheets. This is more of a dream list than a reality list. 

Now that I have been trying to simplify my life and do less outside the home, I’m hopeful that I can get more of it done. I’ve wasted so much time in the past with quick trips to the store, library, meetings or homeschool activities.  Not that those things aren’t good and necessary, it’s just they need to be planned in a way so they don’t mess up your whole day. I’m still learning. Having only one car is helping me with that, too.

Here is my dream list of 2011 projects: 

A Start a worm business with Adam
A Build modular chicken fencing
A Build a portable chicken coop
A Build supports for tomatoes and pole beans
A Learn to make bread without the bread machine
A Get some new chicks for the flock and learn how to brood them
A Teach Adam how to ride a bike
A Find a better way to organize canning supplies and work area
B Study and implement more vertical gardening methods
B Do meal canning – soup and chili
B Reorganize dining room so Gary and Adam can set up an aquarium again
B Plant a medicinal herb garden
B Go camping at least once
C Can ground beef
C Learn to dehydrate food
C Find more ways to cook beans
C Can butter
C Learn how to better use the big BBQ grill my dad made me
C Learn to make another type of cheese
C Start writing music again
C Read “To Kill a Mockingbird”
C Learn about making sourdough bread
C Learn how to fish
C Build a top-bar bee hive

I don’t expect to get them all done, that would put the wrong kind of pressure on me and I would give up on doing any of them. I’m looking at the joy of seeing a project to completion more than seeing the list completed. There will always be something new to tickle my fancy  and make the list longer.

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