“How to Raise a Musical Child” Resources

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Saturday, March 26, 2011 I will speak at the Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo. The title of my presentation is “How to Raise a Musical Child When You Don’t Feel Very Musical”.

One thing I want to communicate is that music applies to all of life, music is part of being human, and we can find ways to create a musical home. I’ve written much about this on another blog www.ourmusicalhome.

It saddens me how music has become so passive and how family musical life–which was so vibrant in the past–has largely been lost.  The advent of recorded music has changed us. We can now listen to symphony orchestras on demand. We can hear music from across the ages on our cell phones. We have gained greater access, but the down side is that our relationship to music has become passive and it often times nothing more than filler.

In many ways there is too much music.  I am in a restaurant as I write this. There is music in the background. In some ways it is a distraction. In other ways it is being taken for granted.

Many people only experience music as passive listeners. They never know the joys of making music. So many people don’t realize the role music plays in history and in life or that music is a skill that can be developed.  These are things I will touch on in my presentation.

Below are the resources from my presentation. It is just an overview of some basic ideas I’ve been pondering.  I would love to get feedback from those at the seminar and those who read the material. Just add your thoughts in the comment section.

How to Raise a Musical Child When You Don’t Feel Very Musical 
Seminar Materials  

PowerPoint Slides  

Article Handouts

Books Mentioned


Video: Mike Huckabee Art and Music Education


P.S. We are considering creating a curriculum or other resources to help homeschooling families build musical knowledge and understanding.  We would love to hear your ideas. Please post them in the comments section.

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